Recent Testimonials

"Hi Neal, You installed a Manor House grey Aga in our barn in Melton Constable North Norfolk for Range exchange. We are loving our Aga. Thankyou so much for your great service and product!" - Adam Neale

"Hi Neal, just wanted to say how pleased we are with the AGA after the repacking of the insulation…...!!! Turned it back on today and can't beleive the difference in the temperature of the kitchen ! Thankyou for your advice and your expertise.....!!! Graham Bentley " - Graham

"Good to see you and Luke this afternoon. Thank you for your excellent work, refitting my night storage 4 oven aga and re doing the enamel Best wishes. David " - David Chambers

"Thanks Neal for the conversion All working well so far 2yrs on - we miss its superior cooking performance when it’s switched off. Simone hates the electric hob! " - Edward Jackson

"Aga all working great Well done! Excellent work. Happy New Year! :)" - James Borges

"I’m sorry Barbara Pearce I don’t recognise you as one of our customers, as you can see we don’t remove negative reviews. " - Neal Rowland

"5* Thankyou so much Neal for all the help and advice" - Mandy Hiscox

"Rowlands delete any negative reviews." - Barbara Pearce

"I have a 13amp recon Aga which is on all the time just turned down a tad in the summer. Neal Rowalnd supplied and fitted it and I’m very happy with her. Running costs are probably just under £100 a month. I use mine to heat my small Cottage so mines dual purpose but I’m very happy with what I’ve got." - Sarah Neve

"Hi Neal, thank you for the replacement module top plate. I caught the driver down the road on my way to work so he pulled over for me!! It’s absolutely perfect!! Sorry I meant to message you and thank you for the sealant too I never thought about it 😁 looks really good Neal I’m so happy. Honestly Neal , Andy my other half was fuming when we took this oven apart. The thermostat wasn’t in the oven hole properly and it wasn’t put together right the wrong bolts were used and the hob was only held in place by some double sided foam tape (lucky for us) but if I had put a pan down too hard it would have smashed. If they had messaged me to say the top was nackered I would have told them to get it done and paid the difference it was the fact that they put a new glass hob in and thought oh it doesn’t matter about that! I’ve had to order new knobs because the old ones you couldn’t even tell which number they were on 🙄🙄 and best of it I waited from October last year until February for them to re enamel the front and come and deliver it!! Anyway rant over it’s all done now and it looks a million times better!!! The lads who came were more worried about trying to sell me the none stick liners.... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ but thanks again Neal" - Toni Harper

"Dear Neil,
Thank you so much for your kindness in coming out so quickly and on a weekend to help us. It was very much appreciated and a level of service that cannot be matched by anyone! The Aga is working a treat and we were able to have hot food on Sunday. The dial is still at 4, where you left it.
Again thank you again for helping us and your thoughtfulness and kindness." - Rosemary 30/04/20

"Neal, thank you both so much for reinstalling my Aga yesterday. It was a very long day for you both, but I really appreciate all your hard work. I am delighted to have it back in the kitchen and working perfectly! Happy Christmas to you both, Rosy." - James Squier

"Hi Neal, just to let you know, Luke came around to fix the Aga. All is working good now, he was very polite, knowledgeable and enthusiastic . Unfortunately not all service providers are like this, Im grateful he was the other type. Really good service. Thanks again Simon" - Simon

"After a very lacklustre experience with another fitter, we called Neal and Luke out to give 'Big Red', our lovely electric Aga, a thorough going over and we are so glad we did. Not only do I now feel as though I know how to use it so much more, I now have nothing but confidence that we have found our engineers for life. So tidy, very quick, super understanding about our attention-hungry dog and just a general delight to have in our home. We could not recommend them more! Thank you!" - Amy Buxton

"Hi Neal, Just wanted to let you know that I baked some bread and granola in my "new" oven today and I can't tell you what a difference the new thermostat has made. Both perfect, didn't have to adjust the temp of the oven down at all it was spot on. Thank you for sorting it! Jayne Glover ( Aga Masterchef )" - James Squier

"I cannot recommend Neal highly enough. He came to my rescue and drove all the way to Devon to install a second hand 30 amp aga we purchased. Nothing was too much trouble, he carried all of the spares that we needed to get it up and running and left me with a lovely warm aga complete - bliss. Thank you Neal, be sure to pop in if you ever pass." - Jemma Major

"Thanks for fitting and sorting out our second hand 13 amp aga we purchased and fitting the insulation upgrade it is working well - we are very pleased with it." - Mrs Morton

"Thank you very much, after the insulation up grade our 13 amp electric aga is just as I thought it could be !!" - Mrs Munn

"Dear Neal, Thank you very much for a most professional service yesterday. We were both very pleased indeed. We would like to go ahead with the "super insulation" and will get in touch as soon as we have a better idea of dates. Should a cancellation free you up we can be free at short notice!" - Mr Edwardson

"Dear Neal, Re the Aga, thank you for converting our Aga. Were delighted with it !" - James Squier

"The Aga (after its move and electric conversion) is ticking along nicely. We just wanted to say how pleased we are with our 'classic Aga' with it's 21st century upgrade. Many thanks for your help with this. We know who to contact when we need the next upgrade! Many thanks. Best wishes, Tudor & Sally." - Tudor

"Hi Neal, Many thanks for your assistance with my Aga, and meeting me at B&Q with some parts. It is unusual for a tradesman to be so accommodating (These days). Many thanks once again. Regards Luis" - Mr Segui

"Despite having travelled some distance Neil turned up bang on time and promptly diagnosed the problem with my electric Aga. He quickly replaced the faulty heating element and then proceeded to service the Aga as we had asked. During this entire process he was very diligent and methodical in his work and careful to vacuum away any dust and other deposits produced by this procedure. Neil also took the opportunity to educate both myself and my wife on precisely how an Aga works and how to get the very best from it, information we were very grateful for as we now feel better able to manage this cast iron monolith (I love it really). We had originally spent some time phoning around trying to find an engineer to come and fix our malfunctioning Aga and Neil was recommended by at least two of the companies that we spoke to. We found him to be a highly reliable, friendly and trustworthy guy as well as a mine of information on everything Aga. I'll certainly be using him again when the next service is due and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Thanks again Neil. The polish you gave us worked brilliantly and I know that you forgot to bill me for it, I'll pay you next time we meet. Good luck and take care, Dave Wilkinson" - Dave Wilkinson

"Dear Neil, Aga in Victoria Road, W8, I am in the midst of moving house. Alas I have no Aga in my next flat. Thank you very much for looking after the Aga all these years. With best wishes, Sarah Dundas" - Sarah

"A huge thank you to Neal for travelling so far on a Friday afternoon to get our 30 Amp AGA working for Christmas. He was so knowledgeable and gave excellent guidance on how to get the best out of my AGA and especially patient when he discovered it was our house electrics and not the AGA at fault. What a star! Philippa" - Philippa

"I love my electric conversion because I am a teacher and I turn it down on Sunday night and up again on Friday morning, saving money during the week! Thank you!" - M Barclay

"Neal - thanks for the conversion on my old aga, she is all fine and working beautifully. Sunday roast was perfect. Many thanks Liese." - Mrs Neeley

"Thanks for all your work and help. We look forward to some smaller electric bills now!" - Mrs Cobbold

"Dear Neil, Thank you both again for the splendid work you did on our dear old Aga. It's working brilliantly, and the convenience of the Aims system is an absolute revelation. Should have done this years ago! I hope you had a better journey back last Wednesday." - Mrs Prince

"Neal serviced our old 30 amp electric Aga for many years, but we moved house last year and inherited a 13 amp electric Aga we just couldn't get on with. Neal came to the rescue and part exchanged it for a used 30 amp. I had always been skeptical about used Aga's as I had a bad experience with a national company. However, Neal and Jack came down and took out the old cooker and replaced it with what effectively is a new Aga, everything that matters was brand new, elements, controls, insulation and the top had been re enamelled with new lids. We can't recommend Neal highly enough, a superb job and the new Aga is performing like a champ. Brilliant service and support. Thanks from Bob & Pam!" - Bob & Pam Brace

"Hi Neal Aga taken full charge - no probs, Thank you so much for rescuing Christmas." - Kate & Alan Colne Engaine

"Guys thought I would give the Aga a good try before letting you know how the burner did over Xmas and Sunday roasts, Aga is running well and a good job of cooking - thanks for your help over the Xmas rush." - Mark, Layer Breton

"Hey Neal Aga is now working fantastically - superhot, thanks William, St Giles Norwich" - William

"Neal - Aga cooker now fantastic my wife once again a happy baker. Thank you. Garry" - Garry

"Neal, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for converting our Aga cooker. It's working well and we are very pleased with it. Thanks, Jackie" - Jackie Granie

"Hi Neal, Murtle the Aga cooker is amazing, temp gauge to line and holding heat inside herself rather than filling the room uncomfortably. Thank you for everything, she is full on pleasure now." - Mrs L

"We inherited an electric Aga cooker at our property in cornwall and although working and looking great in the kitchen I have never fully understood its operation , so when it stopped working needed some assistance . Bumped into Neil on the net needless to say the Aga cooker is now fixed, as after Neil's explanation, general helpfulness and delivered parts, I fully understand how the little blighter works, thanks mate. cheers, Tim" - Tim Spooner

"Hi Neal, After converting our oil aga cooker over to electric we have run it all last year as the summer was so cold ! It has worked well and we are now considering getting the top re-enamelled as we like it so much. Expect to hear from us ! Thanks very much. Frank" - Frank O'Malley

"I found this website by chance, needing help about my Aga cooker. I e-mailed expecting a standard response. Instead, Mr Rowland gave me a great deal of helpful information and guidance - all without any charge. I would certainly employ him to do any work on my Aga cooker as he clearly has great expertise and patience." - Bill Thomas

"Neal, Many thanks for your work on the Aga cooker, good to see you and always happy to provide a testimonial on your work if ever you need it! Best wishes Andy B" - Andy Bovingdon

"Hi Neal, Thank you so much fan now working. Thank you talking me through the temporary repair. I only wish all service providers gave the same customer service." - Mrs Beard

"Hi Neal, Many thanks for your most useful visit on Friday. The timer work exactly as you said it would and we feel we know much more about our Aga cooker than we did. btw I followed your advice about the external fan - and it all worked as you said it would! (It looked like it hadnt been in operation for at least 10 years!!). best regards, Rob and Nat" - Rob & Nat

"Dear Neal, Thanks for coming out to see us yesterday. Just thought I`d drop you a quick note to say that the Aga cooker is now up to temperature and working very well. Great job you have done for us. Very impressed - I shall recommend you to everyone I know who has an Aga cooker. Regards Nick" - Nick - Alresford Colchester

"Dear Neal, Thank you so much for coming to my rescue on the thursday before christmas and giving my aga cooker the kiss of life so that it lasted through the holiday. It was wonderful to have the oven and hobs working when my family were with me for the christmas holiday - you really rescued my christmas. Although I had to ask a friend at the other end of the village to cook the actual turkey the aga cooker did valiantly on everything else and no-one starved." - Mrs Miller East Bergholt

"What a fantastic service. I have inherited an oil conversion Aga cooker and had no idea about Aga cooker, Neal not only serviced the Aga cooker he also gave me a cooking lesson and then whilst waiting for the Aga cooker to heat up he even fixed my hot water!!! Very impressed and highly recomend. Thank you." - Lisa St Osyth

"Neal has just upgraded our electric Aga cooker to a Mark III from a Mark I - excellent work - thanks very much" - Nick

"I write to confirm how pleased I was with the results of you ‘packing’ my aga cooker (4 door electric 13 amp) to increase the insulation and thus the temperature. Prior to your visit, I was always concerned that the aga cooker was not up to its maximum temperature. Since your visit, the temperature has been perfect and it has held the heat really well, even after much use, such as a Sunday roast or Christmas dinner. I would recommend anyone to do the same – it made all the difference." - Mrs Dwerryhouse

"Neal has been looking after my aga cooker since I had it from new some 6 eyars ago. Not only is he really reliable and efficient, but he is also full of energy saving tips, and information as to how to get the best out of your aga cooker. Ask him to show you his magic cleaning product - I had spent the morning cleaning my aga cooker whilst it was cold, and couldnt believe how much more grease and dirt came off when he took over the cleaning! Not only is he an aga cooker owner himself, but he has years of experience of servicing and installing all types of aga cookers, and is happy to give advice over the phone. Couldn't recommend highly enough" - Jane Ives

"When we moved house, I took on a 25 year old Aga cooker, which I loved but which I soon found had problems. Neal was recommended as an expert Aga cooker engineer and he was brilliant, fitting a new seal to the door and a new extractor fan along with the service and guidance about how to get the best from my Aga cooker. Last Friday, I was just about to do some baking in preparation for a supper party on Saturday, when I realised to my dismay that the Aga cooker was losing heat. I felt awful at disturbing Neal's Friday evening but I was desperate. He was very good about it and came out at 9 o'clock, diagnosed the problem and fitted a new part within the hour. I can thoroughly recommend Neal - his service is excellent. Audrey. Groton, Suffolk" - Audrey Jones


"HUGE thank you to Neal for saving the day at a critical time. My wife gave birth to our first child at home in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the Aga cooker wasn't working. I called him about 11am and he was here by 1pm having dropped everything to help. He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed swiftly, professionally and was very helpful all round. He literally saved the day. I would recommend his services to any Aga cooker owner, thank you Neal from Dave, Trix and baby Rocco." - Dave Foster

"Wow! Had a problem with my cooker and phoned Neal, he was here within an hour and had us up and running in no time. Brilliant sevice. David, Colchester" - James Squier